Empower Your Data with Book Worm:
Our AI-powered assistant unlocks the power of your data, understanding intricate datasets to perform the duties of a virtual associate. Ideal for businesses aiming to harness data effectively and securely; reducing the dependencies on analysts to fetch ad hoc data cuts and generate reports.

Why Book Worm?


Versatile Data Input

Effortlessly import text data from multiple formats (text files, Word documents, PDFs, Excel, CSV) and establish direct connections to SQL or Teradata databases.

Advanced LLM Integration

Integrated with complex Large Language Models, Book Worm deeply understands your data, offering precise insights to user queries.

Intuitive Information Retrieval

Just like reading a book, Book Worm can extract and interpret information from your textual data, answering questions and providing insights as if it has 'read' the content itself.

Smart Data Analysis for Tabular Data

For tabular data, Book Worm understands the data and generates reports without accessing the actual data. This ensures client data privacy and security.

Data Security

No data is shared externally , ensuring data security and confidentiality.

Streamlined Report Generation

Acting as a virtual data analyst, Book Worm takes user requests to fetch data, analyze, and compile reports, streamlining stakeholder Serving as a virtual data analyst, Book Worm processes user requests, retrieving, analyzing, and compiling reports for enhanced stakeholder communication and decision-making.

Eliminating the long TAT on Data Requests

Access to your crucial business numbers in real-time.

Book Worm - Explore the capabilities of an Assistant AI driven by advanced NLP and LLMs, reshaping data interaction and insight extraction in the realm of computer vision. Book Worm adeptly manages various data formats—text files, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and SQL databases—delivering intuitive, intelligent data analysis while prioritizing data security and privacy measures.

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