Transform Your Data into Decisions with Neuroscore AI:
Our platform empowers your team to develop sophisticated machine learning models and deploy them with ease and precision using Continuous integration (CI) / Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines. Neuroscore AI prolongs your model lifetime using the Continuous Training (CT) technology. Experience the future of automated model scoring and performance tracking with Continuous Monitoring (CM) to drive your business forward with Neuroscore AI.

Why Neuroscore AI?


Seamless Database Integration

Effortlessly integrate and import data from multiple databases for seamless connectivity.

Versatile Model Building

Easily define your target variables and select from a variety of model types for versatile model building.

User-Centric Design

Engage with our platform through two intuitive approaches: select our 'Quick Method' for an efficient, automated model-building process, or opt for the 'Customized' path, where your business analysts can input their expertise at every step.

No Coding Required

Neuroscore AI's User-friendly interface designed for accessibility, allowing users of varying technical backgrounds to navigate and utilize the platform productively.

Automated Monitoring and Alerts

Stay informed with automatic data drift notifications, ensuring your models remain accurate and reliable over time.

Dynamic Performance Dashboard

Track your model's performance with ease, gaining valuable insights through automation on our comprehensive performance dashboard.

Efficient Deployment

Employing AB testing and cohort-based features during deployment to optimize campaign effectiveness and measure model performance.

Continuous Improvement

Neuroscore AI constantly reinforces its learnings by incorporating new data into the model base for retraining, ensuring ongoing optimization and improved accuracy.

Revolutionize your machine learning potential with Neuroscore AI—an ingenious AutoML platform crafted to elevate and streamline your capabilities. Whether you’re diving into regression, classification, clustering, or forecasting tasks, Neuroscore AI simplifies the journey, presenting robust and precise models perfectly attuned to your distinct business requisites. Discover the power of seamless AI advancement tailored for you.

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